Royal Cat Nap

Mouseketeer Jerry and his little partner Nibbles are raiding while the king sleeps. They awaken him; he calls for Tom, and delivers an ultimatum: One more sound from the mice, and it’s off with Tom’s head. The mice hear this and team up to torment Tom. First, they drop piles of dishes on him; then, they cover the floor with tacks. In both cases, Tom dashes far away, then screams. Tom plugs the King’s ears with champagne corks, but Nibbles clothespins his nose and mouth. When the built-up breath causes the clothespins to explode off the king, Tom plays him to sleep with his violin. Tom chases the mice outside the room, then locks all the doors and swallows the key. They shoot an arrow through the lock into Tom’s rear, and unable to get out, Tom screams in the room. The enraged king is ready to lop off Tom’s head, but Nibbles has mercy and sings him to sleep with “Frère Jacques”. Leaving the King asleep, the three tip-toe out of the room, close the door…then begin a sword-fight.