The X-Ray Story

Fred takes Dino to the vet because he won’t eat and wants only to sleep. The vet finds a “dinopeptic” germ in the x-ray. It’s not at all serious for a dinosaurus, and a few days’ rest will cure it. However, the x-ray blows out the vet’s window, and is found by a cop, who takes it to a (human’s) doctor. The doctor is immediately concerned: a human, unlike a dinosaurus, will die with this kind of germ, unless he stays awake, and active, for seventy-two hours straight. The x-ray bears the name and address of the Flintstones, so the doctor delivers it, and the diagnosis, to Wilma in person. The girls and Barney struggle to keep Fred awake and moving, all without telling him the reason why. Will Fred fall asleep or blow his top first?