Jerry And The Lion

Tom’s just settling in to listen to the radio after another round of chasing Jerry when there’s a news bulletin. A lion has escaped from the circus. Tom takes all precautions, including arming himself. Meanwhile, the lion is already hiding in the basement, where he tells Jerry he couldn’t take it in the circus any more and wants his help getting back to Africa. Oh, and could you find some food? If there’s one thing Jerry excels at, that’s it. He sneaks a ham most of the way across the floor to the lion, but Tom spots him and takes the ham, holding Jerry at gunpoint. The lion is able to eat most of the ham while Tom does this, which flusters him so much he fires into the ceiling. Jerry pretends to die, which gives him a chance to sneak the lion out of the house and into a boat headed to Africa; he waves a tearful adieu.