Nuthin’ But the Tooth

Barney has a severe aching tooth that needs to be extracted. But Fred wants to avoid the dental bill by trying to pull the tooth loose himself. Then, Fred took Barney to a veterinarian office for ill pets (like Dino). Just as the veterinarian starts to inject gas into Barney, he is interrupted leaving Barney alone. Barney falls into a deep sleep from the additional gas and became airborne. Fortunately, Fred saw Barney float by and away. Fred quickly found Barney outside and floating in the air. After Fred lassos Barney and pulls him to the ground. Fred’s quick jerk also removed Barney’s aching tooth. With the additional gas inside Barney & knowing how long the gas will last, they get to see the boxing match & free of charge. Fred ties two ropes on to Barney, one at his feet and one at his shoulders, making Barney Rubble a temporary “Stone-Age hot-air blimp”.